Shaco rework

Ever since the assassin rework shaco has really been struggling so I have an idea and a proposal to bring back the demon jester while leaving a degree of counter play for adcs and squishy champs alike. First off Q-DECIEVE one of shacos core gameplay mechanics is his ability to gank while invis. The problem is decive does too little of damage and on top the invis levle 1 is 1.5 seconds quite sad. A way to fix such an issue is to casue decive to have a flat invis duration like it always had a while back this casues shaco to gank level 3 instead of having to put points in it additionally his next auto can be a bleed doing extra dmg instead of a crit given that adc's need time to react. W- jack in the box an idea for shacos w is a small change while shaco cast jack in the box with no enemy vision it will arm itself in 1 seconds and while casted stealth he will shimmer and arm itself 1 second faster the current box is quite lackluster and people can easily smite it or walk away from it couple with shacos short reach its not as great to be fair and onlly used to block skillshots or block flanks whils the heafty cooldown and red trinket easily killing them E- 2 shiv posion ohh man i hate this ablity it does less than an auto and needs a rework my idea is simply this the slow on 2 shiv should remain but everytime shaco aa an enemy 2 shiv's active e will deal increased dmg (based on how much he has auto) this is great because the longer he autos you the more dmg 2 shiv's active will do (gotta give adcs time to react) *note* R-hallucinate This ability is super super bad with the ai being bugged and not targeting properlly.The problem with this clone is that it doesnt fit shaco's assassin play style additional the minni boxes that it drops are super bad and very very lack luster. my idea is that the mini boxes shoudl be removed and instead shaco's clone when killed will explode leaving shivs stuck in champions in which shaco can pull out to proc extra dmg additonally a small smoke screen is left much to shaco's depcetive nature that he can go in and out of whilst slowing enemys caught inside. overall this is all i have to say i really do like shaco and i understand how hard he is to balance but i hope these ideas may help your rework him Also leave a comment I wana hear your guy's idea or anything we can discuss about
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