Why I think Morde's got such a low win rate currently

I'm currently on my climb to platinum using Mordekaiser whenever I can, which is almost 100%, and am rocking a 61% win rate with the metal man. I never feel he's trash and actually think he's criminally underrated for what he can bring to the table but I'm digressing. Looking over his statistics at Champion.gg made me raise an eyebrow at all these odd things I was seeing. The two things that bothered me the most were the choice of core build and starting items, two things that I deem essential for Mordekaiser's success. **Core Build** Morde's core build with a stunning win rate of 47% consists of a Rylais into Zhonyas only to be followed by some tanky options. Rylais is core but sadly this is where the build goes south, getting a Zhonyas after Rylais makes Mordekaiser way too squishy to actually do anything come mid game. The build's not bad per se but the ORDER is completely off and makes Mordekaiser's performance fall short. **Starters** {{item:1054}} and {{item:2003}} Dorans and pot... This might just be the worst starter, even worse than Dorans ring. Mordekaiser needs to sustain himself in the laning phase but doran's simply doesn't cut it. Getting Cloth to deal with heavy ad harass or boots to escape ganks is such a better option and helps cover up some of Mordekaiser's early game problems while getting a Shield doesn't help as much **3. Lack of Mordekaiser mains in plat+** Champion.gg only includes stats from platinum and above and as far as I know high elo lacks serious Mordekaiser mains who dedicate enough time to learn the ins and outs of League's Iron Man. A lack of experience and proper champion mastery might just be the biggest factor for Mordekaiser having such an abysmally low win rate currently. This is just something that bothers me greatly, seeing that Morde's slowly becoming a real Joke and the lobbies who flame me for picking Mordekaiser get more common by the day. In the end I think Mordekaiser's win rate doesn't reflect his power level as it currently stands and might even lead riot to do something rash and result in Mordekaiser becoming way too strong and get trashed in the process.
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