A re-purposed Force of Nature as another tank MR option?

> {{item:4401}} > > _**Force of Nature**_ > > _Spectre's Cowl + Negatron Cloak + Rejuvenation Bead + 730 = 2800_ > > +250 Health > +70 Magic Resistance > +150% Base Health Regen > > Unique Passive: Regenerate [4% Bonus Health] Health per second. > > Unique Passive - Vigor: 30% of all damage you would take is instead received as a bleed effect over 3 seconds. /-/-/ Death's Dance: Second unique passive now named Vigor. Adaptive Helm: Build path changed to Negatron Cloak + Crystalline Bracer + Ruby Crystal + 980, total cost reduced to 2750. /-/-/ Retrained version of Force of Nature, borrowing the Death's Dance passive as a burst mitigation mechanism to make it a sort of opposite to Adaptive Helm's sustained mitigation. Also grants increased Health Regen scaling off your Bonus Health, because tank focus. Should it grant Movement Speed as well, like the old FoN? I'm not sure if that would give it too many stats, though, and it needs to give at least a little bit of Health due to the Bonus HP scaling regen. Also a change to Adaptive Helm's build path and a tiny cost reduction, to make Spectre's Cowl less ubiquitous and because Helm is a relatively niche purchase.

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