Champions like Ekko should be Aatrox'd.

"Any champion can be frustrating to play against when they’re capable of building very tanky while still outputting considerable DPS, so we're lowering some of Aatrox’s innate damage. With this change, Aatrox must build items for damage and won’t be able to simultaneously tank and smash face as easily." This was the context for his nerfs, yet we are in a meta where assassins and high damage bruisers can build full tank and wreck shop. This is how aatrox works: You build damage, you get blown up. You build tank, you do no damage. You build damage and tank, you get blown up and do no damage. That is a slight exaggeration but you get the idea. EDIT: Might as well pick Xin Zhao instead of Aatrox, does the same thing with a lower skill floor.
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