Suggestion: Let Nami's E apply Stoneborn Pact

This really shouldn't be such a major gamechanger and I feel like Nami could profit off an itemization building up on Stoneborn Pact. So as you know (or may not), Stoneborn Pact triggers {{item:3504}} and recently I've been getting more and more into the mastery. It's really cool that you can have ANY character with any form of CC apply Ardent Censer to their team now, but something is missing... I'm talking about {{champion:267}} 's E, Tidecaller's Blessing. The skill amplifies her target's next three basic attacks with bonus magic damage and a percentage slow, but because the skill is coded to count the slow and damage as the ADC's, Nami can't apply Stoneborn Pact by letting her ADC hit targets. I think it would be cool if Nami could buff an ally's basic attacks and make them apply Stoneborn Pact so the allies can then consume the Stoneborn Pact effect and automatically get Ardent Censer. Is that a possibility, or nay?
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