We know Riot/EA doesn't listen to us so come on guys lets quit LOL and show them what we are worth

I'm a yi main, but I must say Riot would last thing listen to the players of LOL. The entire high elo Yi mains reddit fought with riot on twitter for all of 9.8 and 9.9 and told them the nerf to guinsoos is not a good idea but did they still go through with all changes? YES! and they reverted buff on highlander and added a 2% conqueror nerf just cause! So this shows that they do not listen to the actual people playing LoL and would post 4 nerfs to a champ in the same patch for beginners that is only relevant under plat and sucks at high elo. Note: This is not a disrespect/hate speech thread so stop hiding the truth moderators! This is probably what Riot wants them to do, delete all evidence of people not liking league of legends. This is a analysis to show people that riot games doesn't listen to the players and it is true but thats something to do with not so great game developers.

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