Serious Talk: People need to chill out about the Balance Team

The fact that one of the posts at the top of the boards is that riot's balancing team needs to be changed is just sad. Did they overbuff Galio? Yes. They've also given their thoughts on why they went through with it and to be honest, I can understand their mentality. I *HATE* that despite how many wins the balance team achieves, they're still told they're shit at their job. The balance team is great, and has done a fantastic job of trying to balance this game and flesh it out. And before someone whips out the ardent censor fiasco, ardent censor was buffed in 7.2 and wasn't changed for a long time before it became "op". To everyone reading this thread that disagrees, grow up already. If you want change, you don't bitch and whine. You have a goddamn civil conversation with actual reasoning. Edit: Just a sidenote, but I think it's super interesting how split this thread is. It wasn't downvoted into oblivion because so many people are combating it by upvoting it.
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