Why does Riot sacrifice gameplay experience for balance?

I know everyone likes to meme about the balance pattern of: nerf a champion, then nerf the item that makes them OP, thus leaving the aforementioned champion in the dumpster. But another troubling pattern I would like to address is Riot sacrificing gameplay experience for balance. What I mean is, when a champion is a balancing nightmare, Riot follows a predictable pattern to "fix" them. 1. Champion is overpowered. 2. Community complains. 3. Riot nerfs champion, but instead of nerfing what makes them problematic, they nerf something completely unrelated. 4. Champion is still problematic and the community is still upset. 5. Riot hits the champion with a brutal nerf to their kits numbers. 6. Champion is still problematic. 7. Riot, unable to come up with a solution, makes the champions gameplay experience awful. A few examples are Leblanc, Rengar, Kat, Ahri, Elise, and we might as well add Zoe to the list soon. When Riot is unable to properly balance a champion, they instead gut that champions gameplay experience, making them feel awful to play as. If Riot cannot make a champion viable without making them feel bad to play as, they should go back to the drawing board. Intentionally ruining a champion so that you dont have to deal with them is not a solution.
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