Nasus needs compensation buffs

5/17 PBE Update: Pyke Login Theme, New Emotes & More
The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 8.11 PBE cycle, today's patch includes Pyke tweaks and a login theme, new Bilgewater themed emotes, new Fighter items in testing, and more tentative balance changes! Continue reading for more information!
By removing base AD from {{item:3053}} 's passive, {{champion:75}} is getting nerfed. Moreover, none of [8.12 announced items]( suit him, in fact already superior {{champion:420}} and {{champion:122}} and are the ones that scale with bonus AD. I don't know why Riot decided to put these 2 and {{champion:48}} as undisputed best juggernauts in almost all scenarios, but new changes only confirm that. Furthermore, new scuttle changes emphasize the early game pressure and {{champion:75}} is undisputedly the weakest champion in the game at levels 1-7. Without big gameplay changes to {{champion:75}} , or a rework, I suggest a QoL buff. As a 1 million+ {{champion:75}} main, peaking diamond even back in Season 6 (without S7 R buff), I state that {{champion:75}} has to split push to be viable. He doesn't have any hard CC, nor dash, not even a MS boost in his kit, so his teamfighting is beyond terrible. That being said, his waveclear is too slow, the likes of {{champion:114}} , {{champion:24}} , {{champion:48}} , {{champion:83}} , even {{champion:98}} pushes the waves faster, so it's safe to say that {{champion:75}} is actually the slowest split pusher. Therefore, I feel like his Q needs to get %CD refund on successful CS (last hit). It could scale with skill levels (10% per Q level), so his laning phase stays pretty much the same while getting 50% Q CD in mid game **while split pushing** (Q max obviously). This would improve him **without** increasing dueling and teamfight potential, and make him good at the only thing he's supposed to be.
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