Rig matchmaking please

Every single game I play alone I got matched with some dude who goes 0/10 in 15 min. I understand you can't ban people for inting if they "try to play" instead of being afk in front of the tower, but I don't want to play with those players who doesn't care about feeding the whole enemy team as much as they can. Even if they have 50% win rate for some reason and they "deserve" that elo, they are ruining the game for their other FOUR teammates. If I run 0/20 in cs:go 3 times my elo gets completly crushed, but in LoL it doesn't even matter. Win/Lose meaning everything makes this game so frustrating to play alone. You can't focus on play the best you can when people ruins your game with no punishment. I DON'T WANT TO PLAY WITH THEM or I want a reward for playing "better" or "safer". I may not know the solution, but THIS is the problem with SoloQ.

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