Question: what does the data say about how snowbally the game is now?

It feels every game I play at least in mid gold elo is essentially who has the heavier teammate. Someone gets insanely snowballed and is a monster by 15 minutes. By the time I get an item the game is over. Legit have had 4 games in a row just now where neither bot lane had any impact. and this seems very common. is it just a low elo thing? I understand that if others are getting fed then I can get fed, so I'm not blaming this on my rank or anything. I just want to know what Riot thinks about the state of how snowbally the game may be right now. Not looking to be shown the data either, just an answer to how they are reacting to it. It just feels terribly unfun as a bot lane main for the game to be over before I even get my first item.
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