Current state of the second 20% Cooldown Reduction item?

> - Long term, we’d like to add another AP+20% CDR item that fills a clearly different niche than Morello’s. Goal there would be to offer more build flexibility (old Athene’s, by contrast, was too heavily overlapped with Morello’s, with one of the two items always dominating the other for most champions). Source: [State of the Season: Mid-season followup]( You may remember these words, Meddler (or whoever wrote this article; there's a small "BY MEDDLER" under the title). And since the mages still buy a certain item ( {{item:3165}} ) more for it's Cooldown Reduction than for it's effect, I wonder when we hear about this "flexible" new item. Or **if** we hear about it - it's possible that you dismissed the plan of a second AP+20% CDR item. Just a question of clarification. And curiosity. :)
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