@Riot It's funny how fast you come up with these support changes

No resource is enough to give roles more impact and "meaningful" choices without breaking a sweat as long as it is not toplane. At this point you are literally just playing with us, aren't you? No keystone, no tp buffs, no small gold cost adjustment to help toplaners impact the game earlier, no jungle nerfs, no nerfs to botlane powercurves. There are so many small things you could immediately do to help making toplane more impactful aaand you stay silent and go over to work on support role. Atleast challengers can now duoQ so that the entire top 10 highest challenger only consist of adc and support player. I don't know RIOT what you are trying to do or what your goals are. So much about more transparency you promised after the DynQ disaster. Are you still atleast THINKING about making toplane more impactful and help fighters in particular? Or is it another "we rework fighters" in hopes that we just shut up and stop complaining because EVENTUALLY something might maybe happen sometime in the future in another dimension or parallel universe? Since i don't want to be a pesky board troll i also have a suggestion for another Login Screen: Images of Jax, Irelia, Aatrox with a chain collar around their neck with foam coming out of their mouths and a red circle with a red line through their faces subtitled: "Must stay out!" floating above an image of Toplane. Edit: Because i already saw that: Could u guys please not randomly upvote or downvote people for differing opinions? Can we please stop with this shit? Thank you.
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