@Any Rioters on the Balance Team, Top lane is healthier now than it's ever been

I really want to remind Rioters that, at least in high elo, top lane mains including myself are rejoicing at the amazing balance that top lane has had in the past few months. New runes like Conqueror and the Irelia rework have been phenomenally successful, and I'd be unwilling to say that ANY champion in the top lane is overpowered or strictly unfun to play against (I even enjoy getting Singed in my games!). And it's not just me, I've noticed in my games that just about all top lane mains in high elo are really satisfied with the current balance state. I'm unsure how some of the other lower-tiered players feel about the lane, but over my past 5 years of playing, I've never seen top in such a healthy spot. So as a reminder to the balance team, keep this state of of top lane in the back of your minds every time you make a decision concerning the role. Because it can be better, but it's far easier to make a system worse than it is to make it better; and I really want this state of top lane to be *the* state of top lane. I'd actually love to discuss some of the weaknesses in balance with the top lane, but this post isn't about that. Anyways, thanks for reading. :)

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