About clones... Shaco / Wukong / Leblanc

Am I the only one who's frustrated by clones? In game, I feel like they are too binary. Shaco go in and ult you, he is going to burst you, so you have to react fast and attack one of the two...... it's 50/50. That's not what I would call counter play or smart play... I guess for both the Shaco and the opponent it's mostly a game of chance/luck and it feels dumb. Wukong, you're waiting for ages as he uses s command to try to bait you, you need to be sure he used his clone... it's just frustrating to play against. Leblanc is the less annoying one in my opinion. But anyway, I feel like Shaco and Wukong kit in particular are broken: they are not OP by any mean, just annoying to play against. I always ban them for that reason. That is my opinion, it's definitely subjective, but I wonder if other player feel the same. The only champion kit that frustrates me other than them is Jax counter strike. With 45% CDR, it's on 4 sec cooldown, and it last 2 seconds, so basically, Jax can have counter strike activated almost permanently, and waiting for it to be on CD isn't really a strategy as it comes back after 2 sec anyway.
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