Why is Riot dumbing Akali's mechanics down...

https://i.redd.it/2kbmpqmyae431.jpg Basically just lowering her skill expression. **Overall this is a nerf that targets mid Akali and it probably benefits toplane Akali more...** R being targeted means that toplane Akali will have a substantially easier time playing with her ult than mid Akali will. Melee toplaners against her have to get close to fight her, they don't have cc like champions mid do, and it will also improve the tank Akali build. She won't get insta-bursted if she builds tank. Making the wait timer inbetween R1 and R2 less is just lowering her skillcap, not much to say here. Akali players are just gonna R1-Q-gunblade-ignite-R2 to kill someone and get away freely. Removing the restealth shroud increase is a bad idea. It should be used as an aggressive tool, not a stand still in shroud until you have everything up. It seems like Riot wants her to use it as just a way to wait until her Q is back up. Removing the E-W interaction is the most stupid thing here imo. Using the E-W combo lategame is one of the things that separates a good Akali from a bad one. She can W-R1 backwards- E to shroud- R2 to assassinate and then dash back, it's very risky if the enemy team notices the R indicator. It also requires alot of setup and makes Akali vulnerable to cc. It's one of Akali's more advanced combos. This combo is also mostly used by mid Akali also. Right now im just scared that Riot is pushing her into toplane and lowering her skill expression. Lowering skill expression isn't a satisfying way to nerf a champion that's good in high elo. Riot should actually try to change her mechanics but keep her as a mid to high skillcap champion.
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