15 Likes And I Will Write a Several Page Long Analysis on Why I Hate Singed.

Title. ^ This will include - Why I hate him - Why YOU should hate him - How he is toxic for the game in general - An analysis on why each of his abilties are BS - Probably among some other things. But TBH I'll probably do it anyway just because fuck Singed : ^) Ok I did it, so here it is. (I'm putting it here so people don't have to look at a different post to see it) Why I hate Singed First, I’ll start off by saying that I’ve only played very few games as Singed. It is both against my religion to play such a champion and also, I just had a very bad time, considering his main playstyle is literally trolling. It may be that I’m bad at him, I’m bad at the game, or both, but I just felt so useless running around like an idiot the whole game not even knowing what to do the whole time. This isn’t even mentioning how unfun his playstyle is to play against. Singed’s main strategy is a very unique one, I’ll give him credit for that. But “unique” doesn’t necessarily mean “good”. The way proxyfarming works is that you can be very good at it, or really bad at it. If you’re very good at it, you will consistently have the most farm in the game, very few deaths to champions (only towers), and you will be an unstoppable raid boss running around the enemy team with nothing they can do. If you’re bad at proxyfarming, You will be 0/12/0, most of those deaths being from champions, and you will literally be intentionally feeding/useless at that point. Even if Singed decides NOT to proxyfarm like an idiot and stays in the lane, he is horrible to play against as most melee champions. (Luckily, he gets shat on by the like, 3 top lane ranged champions). If you’re melee OR ranged and he manages to get a hold of you, you are in for a lot of trouble when he just runs circles around you as you’re slowly poisoned to death with nothing you can do but sit there and suffer because you’re slowed by the Rylai’s he has, being burned by the Liandry’s he has, and being grounded by his W. Speaking of Rylai’s and Liandry’s, let’s talk about Singed builds. The average Singed build will almost always contain a Rylai’s, Liandry’s, Righteous Glory, Dead Man’s Plate, and if you’re really feeling like an asshole, ZZ’Rot Portal and/or Banner of Command. Singed has very good synergy with many of his core items. For example- Liandry’s- Even more burn damage on his pretty damage-heavy Q. Rylai’s- Essentially a permaslow when you’re near him and amplifies the slow on his W. Righteous Glory- Gotta go fast and flip the enemy squishy into oblivion. Dead Man’s Plate- On the enemy team can proxy more effectively, on your team he can feed faster and be more impossible to kill. With all those item synergies going very well in Singed’s favor he must have a fair kit to play against, right? Wrong. His kit is decently one-dimensional and simple/outdated. He’s like the pre-rework Urgot. May not always be viable, outdated abilities, but always a bitch to play against no matter what the meta is and whatnot. I’ll go over his abilities and say why they’re problematic. Passive- Noxious Slipstream: This passive makes literally no sense. It works well on Singed’s kit, but how does it even happen? Most passives make sense in some way, shape, or form, but this is just confusing to me. Not to mention how annoying it is having Singed running at mach 5 across your whole team, making sure there is poison trail wherever you have the audacity to stand, even under your own tower. Q- Poison Trail: Nothing about this ability is good. It is ugly to look at and uninteractive. There’s no outplaying this ability, the only counterplay is stay the fuck out or you’re gonna get flamed by your entire team for chasing Singed, even if he was just running you down and you were running away. It doesn’t matter. This ability late game costs extremely little mana, so he will almost never have to stop using this ability. Just one less thing for him to have to pay attention to while running rampant across the map. W- Mega Adhesive: And I thought his Q was ugly? This is just a giant puddle of vomit on the ground that, with Singed’s latest massive buff, is so much more infuriating to play against than it used to be. If you don’t have some sort of movement speed ability and you get stuck in the middle of one of these, you’re done. No dash, blink, flash, or anything will get you out of this because it’s one of the few ‘grounding’ abilities in the game. Yay! Don’t get me wrong, I can see why, it’s very sticky and as it says, adhesive, but still. It’s awful to play against because if you get into this it opens you up to get thrown into his poison trail and you just… die. E- Fling: One of the 3 abilities of its kind in the game, but it makes the least sense. It works on Volibear because he’s supposed to be this big, strong bear dude. It works on Urgot because he’s this half-machine, bulky, monster of a ‘man’ who just looks very strong. But Singed is just an old man with some potions. Yes, he may be able to drink a potion of strength or something, but why is it that temporary to wear off as soon as you flip the person? It just doesn’t make sense. R- Insanity Potion: I think whoever came up with this one was drinking an insanity potion. It’s easy to see the problems with this ability. It’s very simple: increases all of his stats to basically amplify his already super annoying kit. And at max rank, +SIXTY in almost every stat??? Who thought that would be a good idea at all? With Singed’s Q and W both looking just… bad, his in-game design can’t be- HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT? This has to be the most disgusting looking champion in the whole game. I understand that he is an old man and all, but he doesn’t have to look like… that. He ruins the SSW skin line for me and that hextech skin would give younger me nightmares. I like the Beekeeper and Augmented the best because they cover his horrible to look at face. I don’t know why Riot still thinks having something this ugly is a good idea. It’s worse than the old Crabgot. It’s worse than pre-rework Yorick. It’s just painful to look at and it manages to tilt me before I even get into game against him. I think that is a pretty damn good accomplishment, making me not want to play the game before I play the game. With that being said, I wonder what a runes page for Singed would look like. Wait, this can’t be right. The only Singed top guide I see has the trolliest champ in the game taking the trolliest keystone in the game, Unsealed Spellbook. This just means he can cheese with ignite, or take smite and counter-jungle while proxying if he’s really good. Based on what I’ve seen, I’ve mainly seen Aery taken on Singed. I think this makes much more sense because he can proc it constantly as long as you’re in his trail. He has pretty OP synergy with the other runes too. Biscuit delivery for OP sustain, Future’s Market to hit power spikes like Rylai’s faster, Celerity and Waterwalking for even more speed, etc, etc. Hey, at least it’s not as infuriating as Deathfire Touch was... Well, maybe Singed isn’t even mean. Maybe he’s just a nice old man who is somehow forced onto the Rift against his will when he really wants to use his science to cure cancer or something. Wrong. Here are some direct quotes from his story, “Engineering The Nightmare”: “Subject wailed and pleaded. Insisted he was no longer a monster, but a good man. Ignored the distractions and threaded lengths of delicate hoses throughout his extremities, splicing them with his veins and arteries. The subject remained conscious and screaming for six hours. Very encouraging as he endured significantly longer than earlier failures.”, “[I] Examined the subject’s mangled stump as he spat a litany of insults and threats.”. Basically, Singed gets a kick out of torturing and experimenting on people in his lab for “scientific purposes”. Yeah, the same way you’d want a pornstar’s name for “research purposes”. Singed is just an asshole with science as his excuse to torture people with intense pain and suffering for his own amusement. Even in the lore/stories he is sick in the head. Well, maybe he’s not an actual asshole IN GAME, right? Well luckily for Singed, he is also outdated in the joke/taunt/dance/laugh department. His joke is him doing nothing but saying “shaken, not stirred”. Nothing too bad there. His taunt is him saying “How’d that taste? While doing some sort of laughing-looking animation. His dance though, is so BM. It drives me crazy whenever I see it. Same with his laugh. His taunt makes you realize he enjoys watching you suffer, his dance is HOLY SHIT I HATE IT, and same with his laugh. I think he’s the most BM champ in the game through all of these, because most champs don’t have animations that actually bm you. Moving on, if you look at Singed’s history on the wiki, you can see how unbalanced his kit is as a whole. He has had an insane amount of changes (I’m not counting that shit) since his release. The same way Rengar/Ryze are infamously unbalanced for getting rework after rework that all suck, Singed can’t get into a balanced state through number changes alone. One last thing: In Singed’s wiki the strategy for playing him includes this- “Poison Trail is very effective at farming and harassing, allowing Singed to dominate the flow of whatever lane he's in.” This is the same toxic playstyle Pantheon has. He dominates the lane phase to the point where that’s one of the only things for his strategies. And something I didn’t mention before is that Singed can easily flip you into tower with the slightest mispositioning and kill you pretty easily, since he can slow you while you’re under there. Welp, I think I’ve looked at everything! To summarize: Singed is an annoying lane bully with an uninteractive kit akin to Pantheon in that sense, who scales into late game and is very hideous and outdated, also being very unbalanced throughout his lifetime. Thank you, good luck in solo queue, and have a wonderful day. :3
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