How to balance Zed - Reward good players , punish bad ones. Make this happen - upvote.

So as we all know Zed is a trash tier champion for quite some time now , no I'm not talking about you goldies complaining he's insanely broken or something , talking about high elo players. Zed has been in a rough spot for years with Riot seemingly unable to find a balance to his kit. Today we will see what defines Zed as an assassin and what his purpose is and how he should function in my opinion - also balance ideas that sound very good for balancing him in low and high elo at the same time. Zed struggles versus armor severely. I'm talking literally even ninja tabi screwing him and with lethality being useless if you're not 2 levels ahead for effectiveness , it's hard to find a work-around to his either useless kit or dominating kit. I believe I have found a solution to it by adjusting the Following: Reduce his ult base damage and scaling significantly > Therefore lower skilled players with the champion cannot oneshot others by a simple R E auto combo. **Add a new effect**: Whenever zed manages to hit a Shuriken (Q) Amplify the damage by a flat % (15-20% ex.) therefore rewarding players that can actually hit his abilities on the targets. **Add new effect**: If zed hits the target with ALL 3 Q's respectively , translating into 45-60% more ( based on following shurikens). dmg on ult > 30-40% of the damage deal is converted into true damage - giving Zed a chance to win against armored or heavily armored opponents IF he hits his Q's(these numbers are just examples not actual chances , I'm sure riot will find the right math to it.) Other ideas - Reduce the damage on his Q slightly , but allow it to do bonus damage if he hits both of them , letting him duel his lane with actual skillshots that matter and reward him for good play. (I'm talking a slight bonus not insane damage) Please give me feedback and upvote this so that hopefully Riot will address possible changes.{{champion:238}} make Zed Great again , reward skilled players , punish bad ones. EDIT: His purpose is to destroy champions 1v1 , yet he can't do that due to all the armor , shields , zhonyas ,heals and all that.

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