Sett's actually making me enjoy league again after a year and a half

I have to congratulate Riot on Sett. I didn't think they'd ever release a champion that wasn't horrifically broken and overloaded ever again. Sett needs to be the BAR for Juggernauts and the BAR they need to reach for champions/updates overall. He's strong don't get me wrong and his W needs to have some power taken out of it and put into either his Q or E. Other than that I feel he's perfect. He has clear strengths and weaknesses and his damage while high right now (due to his W which is honestly his only damage) isn't too out of this world. I really hope whoever worked on Sett at Riot gets to do more champions, they deserve all the praise by Riot after the amount of garbage we've been getting Aphelios, Qiyana, Yuumi etc. and the updated ones like Irelia Akali Urgot etc. Good on you person at Riot and thank you for finally giving me a reason to play/enjoy this game again
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