Kai'Sa mains share your builds and strategies here.

So... I've been finding the DD build more effective against tanks and when you just want to live and stall out till late. I think either of the builds work if you get fed though. {{item:3812}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} build vs tankier or bursty enemy comps. {{item:3508}} ( {{item:3046}} or {{item:3085}} ) {{item:3124}} vs squishier comps. I usually opt for a {{item:3146}} later on in this path for W evolve, more burst, and the heal you would've gotten going the DD route. My Primary Rune I've been changing up every so often. PtA more damage threat in lane, Footwork for sustain and ms to dodge skillshots, Tempo for earlier AS. Secondary runes I also change up. Overheal + Bloodline using essence build & Triumph + Alacrity going DD. Triumph for DD so you don't die from the bleedout btw. 2nd page I change between Sorcery - (Null Orb/Celerity + Gathering Storm) and Domination - (Taste of Blood + Ravenous Hunter) That null orb saved me so many times to react with my ult or just live from say, a {{champion:143}}. I still have some trouble in lane phase vs early game stuff like {{champion:119}} {{champion:202}} & {{champion:236}}. Tips? What have you all found most success with? :P And yes, I've played her a lot. You can check champion played on the leaderboards. http://www.lolking.net/leaderboards#/?champion=145&region=na&type=1&summoners=na%7Ctwilitangel%7Cundefined&region=na&type=1&summoners=na%7Ctwilitangel%7Cundefined
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