Riot, can we please get a fix for this bug already...

The infamous "Stuck at 100% in loading screen" bug... So, This evening (started trying to play about an hour ago) I have tried to play a game of LoL, trying to just relax and unwind for the day. But, Apparently your client has other ideas for me, as it has just been bug after bug after bug. I have tried playing on my Alienware 17( a $1,600 PC made for gaming, I play WoW raids constantly on this, 0 issue, 0 lag, 0 frame drops, 0 freezing), I have tried my Acer Nitro 5( another, brand new, reliable gaming laptop that I have been doing mostly heavily modded gaming on, 0 frame issues, 0 freezing, 0 crashes, 0 lag on online games) and even my "ol faithful" 5 year old computer that has outlived 6 new PC's. "What if its your internet connection" No, it can't be, Riots lag report puts my ISP connection score at a 98/100. Nearly perfect connection. And I know its not just me, I have seen this happen to plat+ streamers, Streamers who use custombuild supercomputers, I have seen this happen to my friends and even seen it happen(or, heard/read about) to hundreds of other players. I mean, c'mon, this has been happening ever since I can remember, If I recall, One of the first times I had the displeasure of experiencing this was in 2017? Shortly after the client update If I my brain is working properly. And it still has not been fixed, It has been a part of this "new" "fresh" "updated" perfect little client of yours, since its birth, and you are just writing it off as the players fault? A top of the line PC isn't good enough? a 98/100 connection isn't good enough? Then what is, Do I need NASA to build me a super computer that can produce Pi in its entirety(all of its infinity, Impossible to ever truly happen.) in 0.002 seconds, with a 110/100 connection, to play the damn game without dealing with this bug? I get it, you're working on new champs, champ reworks, E-sports, and kitty skins, but what good is ANY of that if 1/10 of the time, people cant even play your game?

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