Why does Lissandra have 325 base movement speed?

I don't care about her mediocre damage, low tankyness or mana cost. What pisses me off most about her is her movement speed when her E is on 24 second cooldown and she's supposed to be a kite mage that dives into fights. Yet master yi, lee sin and pantheon are sitting at 345. Lmao, ....maybe I do care about her 85 mana per Q cost. Many people point out it's due to her utility so let's compare here to a similar mage (from a 2014 post in old forums): Karma is a medium ranged mage that has a low cooldown Q that she can use to keep enemies away from her constantly, a tether and a movement speed boosting shield. She can also burst enemies harder with Mantra Q or choose to heal herself back up for a decent amount or choose to give a whole team a shield. Lissandra is a short ranged mage who has longer cooldowns overall, except her Q (which in sense is a weaker version of Karma's Q.) She has to put herself in danger to do most of her damage, and her damage in generally not that strong in the first place. Granted she may provide a lot of utility but she is so squishy and short ranged it's hard for her to actually stay alive to provide it. Karma also has a movement speed shield that is up more often yet she has better base MS as well. Karma can use her shield at least twice before Lissandra can cast her claw again. Obviously, they're different champions, but I feel like it seems a bit unfair, Karma has so many tools to keep people away, while being bulkier than a short ranged mage who tries to provide cc but has trouble doing it because they (referring to Liss here.) are so squishy. I also hear Riot is looking for new passive ideas. Why not buff her base stats, keep the same passive with it's late game CD (9 seconds) and solidify her identity as a diver control mage with some number changes, her kit doesn't need a rework. I also read a passive suggestion that gives her damage reduction for each champ CCed. That'll make hextech glp core on her! If Riot wants to keep her as a kiting mage, why not keep her current passive but whatever ability she uses with it is enhanced in an interesting way? (More Q range for that proc, true ice stun on W that's uneffected by tenacity, faster moving E and double healing from ult.) Just my thoughts and suggestions on a champ I love.
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