I am a Katarina main since beta and I would like to adress her issues

Hello. Allow me to introduce myself, I’ve been playing League since beta, I have been high elo since Season 2, currently Master tier, and I main Katarina since forever. I have played every version of Katarina, the first one when {{item:3072}} was her core item, the second one when her Q would mark people and her W was a small AOE, and finally the third and final one that we have today. I would like discuss Katarina’s state and focus Riot's attention on her current issues. As you may already know she's pretty bad in soloQ (2.2% playrate and 49.7% wr), she barely sees any competitive play and most importantly she doesn't feel nearly as fun anymore. I made a little comparison between her old and current kit in order to explain why the new one feels clunky and how she could be fixed. * **Her strengths** : The dagger mechanics with the Shunpo reset and outplay potential/mobility it offers. With this new passive she's less reliant on her ultimate to dish out damage. * **Her weaknesses** : She doesn't feel like an assassin anymore: her daggers are very predictable and easy to dodge or play around and limit her own ability to dodge unpredictably. Also, pre lvl 11 her shunpo cooldown does not feel intuitive to play with as you often have to wait for it to come off cooldown to perform a combo, time during which you end up wandering around without doing anything. She relies on Gunblade too much because you NEED that item in order to combo properly. **How to fix that ?** Some ideas. 1. **Revert Katarina**. A lot of Katarina mains that I know really enjoyed the smooth gameplay of old Katarina. It was easy to play but hard to master especially in high elo. Ward jump was great, her build was really flexible even for her abilities, she could go W max vs melee or Q max vs range. Of course she wasn't perfect, she had the same issues as current Katarina : situationally bad in teamfight, countered by CC, bad in lane etc... She also was hard to balance since her abilities were so easy to hit. 2. **Fix her current issues**. Reduce waiting time for the dagger to land, maybe with a scaling on lvl for the delay to improve her late game teamfight. Reduce Shunpo CD in early when picking up a dagger and remove small cast time to make it more reactive, make her less Gunblade-dependent, give her the ability to ward-jump again. 3. **Give her the Ryze treatment**. Rework her AGAIN ! I don't have anything in mind but it's an option imo. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think and please answer the poll on the post, I'm curious to know what you guys think. {{champion:55}}
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