Udyr Stance Upgrades

What do you guys think of the idea of limiting Udyr's skill points to 16, effectively allowing him to max all of his stances fully instead of constantly leaving one lacking, and then relegating lvl17 and lvl18 to upgrade slots, that allow Udyr to improve two of his four stances by granting them additional effects. For example: bear stance grants increased tenacity that scales off a percentage of his bonus movement speed and lasts for the activation period but does not maintain itself as a persistent effect. This way he doesn't get fucked so hard when trying to chase someone down and can actually get to them, but will still be prone to cc effects once he's actually gotten to where he needs to be. I am looking for more ideas for possible stance upgrades since I feel a full scale rework on Udyr might not be the right way to go and could end disastrously due to the rather straight forward nature of the champion.
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