@Riot (Repertoir?): Where is the logic?

I recall seeing somewhere that you don't (often) undo buffs/nerfs, and instead look to other abilities to change instead. What I don't understand is why can't you refer a change then nerf/buff something else? My case and point: Kog maw (because topical) The latest change (moving his atk speed buff) clearly put him over the edge, but rather than revert it and try something else, you're planning to nerf his base AS... This was/is only a problem because of a choice you made, but rather than target that mistake specifically, you are all too ready to run through the entire rest of his kit to balance it out. And it seems odd and illogical if you ask me. Are you afraid of admitting you were wrong? That you messed up? That we will laugh at you if you say such? Because that would be totally unwarranted. Everyone makes mistakes, and I was always told to fix it and not learn from it. Not to ignore it by covering it up.
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