AP Shyvana is the most disgustingly broken thing I've ever seen in the history of this game.

This was end game, when everyone was full build already, including our team who had at _least_ 1 MR item per player, some with 3 (spirit visage, abyssal, etc, not just stuff like maw), even the adc had a merc scim.. all because Shyv had been LITERALLY two shotting us, the entire match. Absolutely no fucking joke.. shyv gets runic echoes, and her first kill after 10 min of no ganks = ult + flame breath > kill. second and 3rd kill, flame breath auto auto, flame breath > kill. even with MR we could not stand up to her, anywhere, no matter what we did. ended the game at 22-5 simply by existing. this absolutely needs a fucking nerf ASAP
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