You know what? I can live with many of the balance decisions your staff makes.

Obviously there are going to be some i disagree with, but in hindsight there are 140+ champions and hundreds of items: there’s no possible way I’d agree with everything. You know what I’m really starting to hate more than anything? Your games actual physics. We all know about creep block, but that barely scratches the surface. Auto-pathing and pathing in general is totally busted right now. I cannot tell you how many times my champion has stopped on a dime when I’m pathing them away from enemies pursuing me only for my champion to randomly turn around and run into them. I literally don’t even give this path command but it does because the game registers me as being close to a wall or something, even when I’m really not. This also happens with minions, which I think this might be the biggest thing responsible for minion block that we experience today. Speaking of minions: their AI is complete dogshit right now. I cannot tell you how many times I’m about to last hit a minion only for it to run away from me to chase down another random melee minion instead of the one closest to it. They do this under tower ALL the time, and it makes you miss so many creeps that should otherwise be very easy to secure. Not only do they do stupid shit like this, but then you consider how they barely act correctly when it comes to champion aggro. Let’s take a game where I was fighting Lulu top yesterday as Jax: she literally spent the whole lane just auto attacking me, standing in her minion wave and even walking through mine. What did my minions do? Couldn’t tell you, I was too busy randomly being attacked by her minions just for going up to secure a cannon. My minions literally would not aggro her. Her minions pummel me when I still have a minion wave just for going up to a cannon but she’s literally attacking me and telling my minions that their families suck, so they get scared and do nothing. In short: minion AI is absolute garbage currently. But wait, there’s more.. If you play a champion that has an AA reset or a pseudo AA-reset (think Jax W, which technically is not an AA reserve but the animation can be cancelled to effectively make it one), and you try to animation cancel right now: your character will randomly just stop sometimes. Seriously, I’ve noticed this both on LAN and NA when I go to hit one creep and use the AA reset on the other minion: first AA goes off and then randomly the AA reset spell will proc but my character will just freeze. I’ve had this happen with Nasus, Jax and even Mundo. I’ve tried to study videos to see if maybe I got creep blocked or the creep decided to run away, but no - nothing. And while maybe I could chalk this up to me just misclicking, I really don’t think it’s that: I’d be misclicking all the damn time then. This leads me to something else, which could possible explain what’s happening: Hitboxes of all sorts seem to be completely out of sync right now. I cannot tell you how many times I will use point-and-click spells like wither on champions and they’ll practically be in melee range, and it’s like I can’t click on them. Everyone knows about Yasuo E but this seems to happen when any champion or minion moves in awkward ways, usually if they turn very quickly is what I find. I haven’t sat down and tested this in customs but I see it happen a lot. Even champions with bigger models like Renekton (especially if he ues E; this makes sense but it will even take a second or two for me to be able to do it after he’s dashed) Can randomly be difficult to use point and click spells on, such as wither or auto attacks. Honestly, game physics just seem completely out of touch right now. Another thing I didn’t even touch on was inconsistent hitboxes that make no sense (Tahm Q, ahri Charm, lux Q, etc). But game physics just seem...broken. And maybe it’s been this way for awhile and I didn’t notice because I didn’t play very often so I just attributed it to rust. But I play frequently now and I’m not rusty and these things still happen and I’ll have several deaths a week because of crap like this and it’s so frustrating. I can accept when I make a play and I just come up short; I can even accept simply being outplayed. But this happens too much and it really does make the game seem unfun. And honestly, it makes balance issues seem insignificant at times. I really hope you guys take an off-season to just lay out ways to make your game feel smooth again, because as it stands it honestly feels like it is full of bugs and it performs rather choppy.
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