Stuck in Gold 2 for 3 years now, literally losing because of teams despite doing well - Read First

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When you play a game for a long time, like 5 years, you shouldn't be stuck at the same level for 3 of them - a well known fact is that with practice at something you WILL get better with practice so long as you are mildly intelligent. I started unranked, silver, gold, gold and now gold again. I have lost my promos to plat because of unfortunate games, but I find that when I get to around the low plat mmr I start getting horrendous teams. This will change, but look at my most recent games - I am performing fine to well in every game I have lost, what is the glaring obvious weak link? The feeders on my team, or the terrible builds such as a nasus who rushes tri force against a darius and doesn't build armor first, or a zed top or having no tanks and no cc. I try picking according to a comp, but I can only get so far given the others are making rational picks too - which they often aren't. I am actually so sick of losing games because of teams who throw and feed, don't listen to instruction and let their egos get ahead of themselves. In my last 10 games, I have lost 6 - almost all of which were out of control due to my team for the most part. I'm not denying I lose a lot of games because of poor performance, but specifically when I start to climb to plat, past gold 2, I start to get screwed with losing streaks and sudden mmr drops. I ranked from silver 1 to gold 2 in just a week, getting 26lp per win and -10 per loss, now that has changed to +20 and -16 respectively. I don't know how or why I am getting paired with people who seem ill-equipped to play at this skill level while the enemy team always seems to be in-sync and cohesive. I communicate with team, trying to talk about picks, all I get is "you talk too much" "stfuidc" This community really takes the joy out of playing a game where I enjoy progressing and playing competitively, but I can't progress and just become frustrated when I lose because of reasons beyond my control. I can deal with a loss that was my fault, but it's difficult to deal with being held back when you're relying on others. This is too recurrent for me to think Riot is not intentionally sabotaging my win rate and my games with horrible matchmaking. I had above a 55% win rate, I am now on a 6 game lose spree after having gone on 4 game lose sprees for the past 2 days. Damn this game, it's too frustrating to enjoy, I had previously quit because of this very reason, now I remember exactly why - you start losing a shit ton for completely idiotic reasons that just leave you frustrated and tilted that have nothing to do with my own performance. Lost 14 of 20 games just now, getting demoted to G3 despite climbing from S1 to G2 in just 3 days - This game is rigged and it actively works against you climbing, I had very good MMR, gaining 26+ LP per win now it's down to 19/20 per win (if I'm even so lucky)- screw this game and this company, they make me sick.
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