Pyke's Passive and Gold Efficiency

Gold efficiency
The Gold efficiency of an item tells you how much stats it provides for its price (gold cost). This is a theoretical value with no direct game impact, used mainly to compare items. A base gold value for each stat has to be defined in order to calculate gold efficiency.
Pyke's passive is a great tool for winning trades, but some of you might not have known that his passive has a second effect. Whenever you build bonus HP on Pyke, he doesn't gain any and instead gains bonus AD. Thus a Black Cleaver {{item:3071}} would not make you any tankier, but the HP stats would be converted into AD (so no tank Pyke builds). This had me wondering though, at what ratio would they convert HP into AD. Since passive's are meant to be something that strengthens a champion in their own unique way, I assumed that it would make no since if the conversion was gold inefficient. If it WAS, that would mean his passive denies a stat you paid gold for in an item, and returns a lower gold's worth amount of AD, thus his passive would in fact WEAKEN Pyke, not make him stronger. Following the link above, you will see that 1 AD is worth 35 gold, while 1 HP is worth 2.6 gold. The ratio is very very close to 13 HP = 1 AD in gold value (13.125 to be exact). Passive's are designed to strengthen the champion, so I'm hoping riot will at least use this 13:1, otherwise building anything with HP tied to it would just be a waste of gold on Pyke. I don't believe the ratio needs to be above this because of the first part of his passive. Using the 13HP:1AD ratio, The Black Cleaver {{item:3071}} would grant Pyke 40(+31) = 71 AD and 20% CDR along with the armor shred and MS passive. Build Black Cleaver on anyone else and it's a rather good Bruiser item, but a strong assassin item on Pyke. Trinity Force {{item:3078}} 25(+19)=44AD and Sterak's Gage {{item:3053}} +50% base AD (+35 bonus AD) are other excellent options, and would give Pyke a decent amount of burst damage as well. Frozen Mallet {{item:3022}} would allow Pyke to further prevent his targets from escaping while allies come to assist in the murder, while granting Pyke a massive 30(+54)=84 AD. Pyke's passive turns Frozen Mallet into the highest AD item in the game. Throw a Stormrazor on top of these 4 and you've got a spicy build. Granted this is all speculation and I have no idea what ratio will actually be used, but I will be severely disappointed in Riot if they use a ratio that is less gold efficient than base gold efficiency. It would be the first time in League history a champion's passive directly weakened the champion if they build certain items, as any amount of HP would just be wasting gold.
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