Genuine question for the champ designers, don't worry it's not mean.

I've been looking at a lot of the reworks and redesigns and new champs lately, and i'm noticing a very clear skew towards making champion damage as potentially avoidable as possible. There's been much discussion about older champs like fiddlesticks and pantheon and how their inherent design can tend to be unhealthy because of point-and-click damage or status effects. Riot seems to be moving away from abilities like this for obvious game health reasons, but i was trying to consider what a kit that actually did have these elements in them and was also relatively healthy would look like. people complain about lulu because of this reason, yet she's remained in pro play for quite some time. champs like cass have specific elements of this degree in their kit, but its effectiveness is gated behind other abilities being used in conjunction, somewhat like old urgot. My main question is, **is it possible for a champ in which a majority of their kit involves point-and-click spells to exist in the game in a healthy state? ** My first instinct tells me the spells would have to be low impact, low damage, or needing to be used in conjunction to be effective, but i'd like to hear some red name insights.
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