Please don't do this to Azir

Saw the Azir changes on the PBE and I have to say, I am not a fan. Let me walk you through what I like and don't like by ability. Base stats: don't really care to much, I mean the MS buff is good, but I don't really care about the HP part. Q: Nearly halving the AP on this is good. I think this was problematic because it gave too much burst on a DPS champion. Really don't like the range nerf. W: Don't like the deactivation range nerf. Makes pushing more risky and controlling harder. The no hitting wards part I feel is unnecessary. Other numbers are ok either way. New passive seems pretty useless. Don't really get an opportunity to have 3 at once that often, so this seems kind of useless. E: This should have been scrapped and reworked completely. Or at least not gone with this version. AP ratio on shield is nice, but duration is really short. Think the dash speed nerf is too harsh. Not sure why he gets another soldier on hitting someone, generally if you're going at someone, it's not for basic attacks. R: Huge objection to the wall not continuously bouncing people. Leave this ability alone. Compensation as is on PBE is not worth it. Overall, not a big fan. Kind of hate it. With the range nerfs on Q, dash speed nerf on E, and no continuous bounce on R, it's pretty clear Riot is pushing for more Shurima Shuffle and less AP DPS with safety. Ever since Riot announced intentions to rework Azir and their 2 options, I've always advocated for going for ranged Emperor instead of Lee Sin #2. Really hope this doesn't go through, as I do enjoy playing Azir and would much rather prefer a non-diving centric version. Just my 2 cents (which is all I have halp me I'm broke af)
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