Pyke's Nerf is bad..

The new Pyke nerf is just bad. Pyke with the new nerf lost all of his wave clearing abilities. Right now Pyke has only one way to clear waves. Auto attacks! Q with the new changes ( New: Q damages only the nearest target it hits, Old: Damages Every target in range and deals more damage to the nearest) really can't do match against a medium or a large wave. E doesn't do anything against minions and monsters (New: E damages and stuns only champions, Old: E damages and stuns everyone). If it's really nessecary you can use R to kill some normal minions. Also something that lower ranks won't care about is that clearing enemy jungle camps for counter jungle and a bit of gold isn't possible anymore (This would put the enemy jungler in a bit of a worse position and you get gold for doing it). Basicly Pyke now can't defend against medium or large waves of minions, can't push fast enough and can't counter jungle.
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