Ironically, the confusing rotating gamemodes are the least enjoyed.

Does anyone find that the more confusing Riot makes a gamemode, the less players play it? Urf is straight to the point, 80% CDR, NO MANA COSTS, etc etc, buffs for days. Isn't that pretty simple? But Nexus Siege is confusing, sort of. It's a defend/siege gamemode that has special things like Obliterators, etc, and all these other confusing things. And the response to this gamemode has kind of been... (and this is not the response for the ENTIRE community, but for a majority) **negative.** Poro King, pretty much **negative** Urf? POSITIVE AS FUCK I think that League players want a gamemode that's chaotic, like One for all, and Urf, and not too confusing. Bye!
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