So, can we all agree that tahm kench was absolutely gutted?

So, I picked up tahm a couple times after the changes to his shield and passive and such, and It felt bad to me and I got pooped on. I didn't even think about it though because I didn't really care at the time and figured I had just lost my touch with that champion. Recently, I've been noticing that he hasn't been in a lot of my games, so I figured I'd look up and see if anyone was playing him. I went to the champ statistics on OP.GG and I cannot believe what I'm seeing. * 43.11% winrate as support * 46.22% winrate as top lane * 48.89% winrate as jungler I know winrates don't mean everything, but jesus christ... what happened? If you think winrates mean nothing, just pick him up and play him. It doesn't feel... right. HIS INTENDED POSITION NOW HAS A 43% WINRATE FFS. Are there going to be any buffs for him? Or is he just going to rot down there forever?
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