Team Builder. We need it back.

Simply put, we have two options if we want to do a normal game of PVP: 1. Sit in Draft Mode all day while people look up stats and summoner information to ban their best champions or whomever is the most OP at the time, and then after a 15 minute queue and a 5 minute pick/ban phase, somebody dodges and it repeats over and over. Last night I had three games in Draft and spent at least 35 minutes waiting to play the games, not including the actual pick/ban phase and loading screen. I got my primary one out of three times. 2. Go blind pick and hope you can type your lane quicker than the other people. Even then, it doesn't mean someone won't go into that lane anyway. I've never seen the logic behind removing Team Builder as it cured the toxicity of solo queue substantially, it granted you 100% chance of role and champion and it allowed you to kick out anybody who seemed trollish (aka, zilean jungle or skarner adc!) and the new champ select is actually far worse than Team Builder. It is as if you guys went out of your way to make a product worse than three years ago, and I'm unsure why this was considered a good idea. Instead of another disastrous solo queue, can we just have our team builder mode back for blind picks? Choose champ, choose role, choose mastery/runes and skin and off we go. Whatever you had planned for solo queue, Team Builder will be better anyway if Champ Select and Dynamic Queue are any indicators. BRING BACK TEAM BUILDER! We really would appreciate having a legitimate blind pick option. {{champion:64}}
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