I like Kled. Im just sad of what's likely to happen to him.

You already know he's gonna get picked at worlds, then massively nerfed, he's just gonna get his legs cut afther he gets a chance to shine. You know, what's sad? The fact that Riot has been consistently delivering new champions that have to get destroyed balanced wise because their kits are just too synergistic with themselves and nothing else can't keep up. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with trying to make cool champions that are fun to play like Azir, Kalista, Kindred, Poppy, Ekko, Fiora. It just seems like a dick measurement competition design wise, in which every champ tries to outdick the rest. Like, back to Kled, his kit is really good at working with itself, incredibly, to the point that he needs the invulnerability to cc, and movement speed to work with his ult. But sooner or later the movement speed to allies is gonna get cut, and you can't nerf invulnerability to cc with numbers. The range is gonna go down and what was a great engage champion ends up being an OK engage champion. Just as Azir could engage like crazy with his E knock up, shield, and several seconds ult. Now he can... ult for 3 sec. And that's it. So I'd like to stop seeing champions that have cool fun designs but are impossible to balance, not because they annoy me per se, just because what's the point of that? Of giving a champion an identity just so strip it away because they were so degenerate to the game?
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