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With league having a peak of players, majority of those players are lower elos. (gold and below ((i honestly dont know how to rank it lol))) I personally don't play ranked since its to competitive. With League right now feeling more like "League of one shots" instead of an actual fun game, They only nerf and buff according to higher elos, which leaves their majority player base kinda in a rut of "who's team will have more one shot potential" Mordekaiser didn't even get a nerf in the most recent patch, but with a 7% banrate (being above average on the scale) how does this even seem fair? : | Maybe i'm just being a baby and whining, but the game is seeming a lot less fun when i cant play the champions i want because its not "one shot meta" OR i have to try my best to counter pick the meta and since all patches for nerf's/buffs are towards higher elo, it just feels so insanely useless to play normals where your stuck fighting a Kayn, Mordekaiser, Kaisa (others too but these are the top 3 in my book). Those champions just scale so hard and have such a high potential to one shot. I just haven't seen this type of meta since season 3 elise. This is more of a rant by this point, but i wanted to see how other low elo goers agree/disagree and see other prespectives.

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