How many older players feel like they only play 2-5 champs due to reworks?

Rolling back the years to season 1 and season 2 I played just about every champ on the roster, and about every build for said champs. Be it AP Magewick, Triple Doran's Roaming Garen bot, 100% dodge Jax, Soraka support, Mana Tank Ryze, or insert X here. About anything you can come up with I tried and likely enjoyed at one point in time or another. Flash forward to season 6-9 and the amount of champions I enjoy playing amount to... Jinx and Garen. Now why is that you think? Used to love Ryze, Galio, Akali, Fiora, Soraka, Jax, Kayle,Nida, Maokai, Mord, you name it. I loved playing off the wall non-meta builds, weird rune combos, and simply being able to look at the roster and go "there are 50+ champs that are fun with 4-5 viable builds for each." All these reworks, new items, mastery changes, ect how many of the players that played season 1 and 2 are even still around? How many of you can honestly say you wouldn't prefer a previous Season? Pick a season 1 through 5. League just no longer plays like league. These days all fight resolve in under 3 seconds, at any given time maybe 30 champs are even played and each of those champs has at MOST 2 viable builds. If I had to pick when things really went south, I'd say between the addition of devourer and the tank ekko nerfs. Everything after that has been crap. THe only "good" rework was the WW one, and even it has issues. The main issue being it's pretty much limited to playing it tanky/bruiser jungle. I feel like the whole game has been balanced around a "pro scene" that I don't even watch. Honestly why can't the game just be targeted toward "fun for the majority of players" and let the pros sort out amongst themselves what's the most broken.
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