An easier way of fixing bot lane without completely gimping marksmen or supports

There's alot of talk going on about the current problems with the game, but not many practical ways of fixing the problem. I present to you my 2 part solution to our current problem in league. 1. Give critical damage the lethality treatment. By this, I mean making critical damage scale directly with your champions level. This would make buying crit early counter intuitive, while still allowing adcs to get to their extremely powerful late game, in the actual late game. Now, you may just say, "Well, now all the adcs will just go onhit or pen, and nothing will be solved." This leads to the 2nd part. 2. Nerf the amount of shared exp. Currently, if more than 1 champion is present for a minion's death, the exp is bumped up to 130.4% of its normal amount, and then split between them. Lowering this exp bump would do a few things. A. It would make grouping early on very bad, as your enemies who are sitting in their lanes will quickly jump ahead in exp. B. It would further increase the time in which it takes for adcs to get to a point where buying crit is a good option. C. It would make solo laners more powerful, as they now would jump ahead in levels compared to both of the bot lanes, allowing both mid and top to have more agency and control over the game early on. I sincerely believe going in such a direction to fix the game in its current state would be the best way of moving forward. Questions, thoughts, and concerns would all be appreciated P.S. It won't let me do 1. and 2. so I'm just gonna leave it as is Edit 1 : 2 Parts to this edit. 1. I'm not the one down voting everyone slightly disagreeing with me, so please feel free to keep posting. Lots of criticism and thought needs to go into ideas for balance, no matter how much one likes, or dislikes the criticism they are getting. 2. This is going to be a blanket answer to why I think the exp change is necessary, that way I don't need to reply to each individual comment. The reasoning the 2nd change, or something like it, is necessary, is due mainly to the first change. Making crit based marksmen need levels before they do damage will prevent them from becoming too menacing too early. However, what this does is simply make room for non-crit based marksmen (MF, Kog, Varus, etc) to become powerful and simply perpetuate what crit based marksmen were doing, which is pushing tower, and then piling mid. By making grouping early have a distinct downside (falling behind in levels) it creates room for both mid and top to have a more satisfying lane phase, or at least, a longer lane phase than we currently have. At the same time, it could bring back split-pushing as a more viable strategy, and could even make junglers pay more attention to mid and top, as dying would have a more drastic impact than it does currently, due to not being able to group to rectify a death or 2 in lane. At the same time, I do understand it could very well be disastrous, and would probably need follow up changes to jungle exp gain, so as to not make mid and top and jung be overly dominant in games.
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