Jungle is Worse than Ever

It's funny because I'm one of the people who's been the most optimistic about jungle for the longest time. I mean, I've played a few games today. First day of the patch so nothing's set in stone. But in all my years of playing I've never felt worse about a specific iteration of jungle than the current one. It's mainly because if the game- and i'm not exaggerating, if the game is lost within 3 minutes.. It's just lost. Let's say top, mid and/or bot dies within your first clear. And it's probably likely that'll happen. Okay! Well, you lost river control. Unless your top laner tps in and the enemy stays like an idiot then you gank and re-gain river control. But in all likelihood, you probably lost topside scuttle by then. Which means the enemy jungler is ahead by an entire level and you lose river control by default. I just feel like not being able to effectively gank before my teammates inevitably feed first blood sets me further behind than even them. And that's unhealthy for junglers. Like, jungle wasn't perfect before but it was punishing. Because even though ganking top @ lvl3 is the most telegraphed gank of all time- it worked because top laners are... Kind of dumb, to be honest. So, I did rely on that as a leverage to get an early lead. Now? I don't really have that. All I've felt that has worked for me is messing with their jungler (assuming I've picked a jungler that wins in 1v1 scenario) and just hoping I got better laners. That way, my lanes can just win w/o their jungler stopping them. But if I don't have better laners then I am just wasting my own time. But ganking, often times, doesn't really work because the enemy laner is just so much more ahead and i'm 2 levels below their jungler because they got scuttles and I couldn't. Effectively we lose every 2v2. There's also the RNG aspect. Let's say your top is winning but your bot is losing. And scuttle respawns bot river. Then you just lose it. You're behind again even though you have 2 kills and their jungler died earlier. Your top laner is kind of useless because it's top lane. I mean it's not the easiest lane to snowball cuz' there's not much to work with. It is possible, though. If your top laner fucking stomps them by 10 minutes. You get herald, rotate mid get tower and reset. But even then, that isn't the safest play because their bot lane and jungler can always rotate mid to stop it pretty easily. But if you wanna be effective, you just have to find the way to get a lead early and turn it into a snowball as it's really easy to do so now. There's hardly any inbetween. You just snowball or you lose. Even if the enemy jungler doesn't snowball as hard as they should be; they're ahead because their laners are winning. If I had to say what the problem is: it's that scuttles offer a LOT... But if you lose lane lottery then you don't get scuttles. If you don't get scuttles then the game is over. There's no way to get back into the game, as a jungler. That's my take. Jungle just became more RNG-based and not a role you can carry in.
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