Riot I Beg You To Get Rid Of Autofill

I dont have a problem playing a different role (even though id prefer to play top), but the main problem is, is that autofilled players dont know what theyre doing and it costs just about every game. A team that gets an autofilled support/ad vs an enemy team that gets a adc/support main = enemy team wins most of the time. The autofilled players dont know what theyre doing and we all know theyre not gonna take their time to learn the role. Yes, I get it, Autofill is to cut down on wait times. But id rather wait my 8 minutes for a queue where everyone knows their role, rather than getting queued up, looking at 2-3 people wanting to swap roles with others, then in game the enemy team has no autofills while we have 1/2/3. Its just a waste of time to even play the game when the autofilled bot laners are 2/14 at the 10 minute mark.

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