Pls for the love of god rework this champion

{{champion:107}} He is prob the worst assassins when he even gets a single kill. You pretty much are not safe anywhere not even under tower. Playing ezreal with gauntlet hugging my tower i got 100-0 in 1.12 sec by a 1-1-2 rengar with a jungle smite item tiamat and a long sword. IDC if hes viable in pro play, idc if hes viable in high elo, he is a massive plague on solo Q . I had atleast 100 armor at this point of the game, how is this fair, he conts to 1 shot me or lucian, no matter what we buy ga/zhonya he just 1 shots us within .66 seconds before you can even react, its actually fucking digusting and lacks any counterplay and is super braindead.
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