How People Feel About Playing as Mordekaiser - Survey Results

So, I started seeing quite a lot of negativity regarding the Mordekaiser rework lately and I decided to investigate to find out how people really feel about playing Mordekaiser. I created a survey in Google Forms and got 400 participants to answer it. This is the survey if you want to see the questions for yourself (or fill it in if you play Morde, though unless I get a significant amount of answers I will not create another thread analyzing it): *** Now let's get to the results (ignore the Hebrew bits that are in there): **First question**: There isn't much to say about this question however, you can see that there aren't many people who picked Mordekaiser up as a casual pick because of the rework, but there's a nice amount of people who picked him as a main because of it. As a big part of a rework is to make a champion more inviting to play it seems like the rework did a nice job in that term, however there is still a relatively low amount of new mains compared to old mains, and considering there weren't too many Mordekaiser mains to begin with, I wouldn't say it is a great success either. *** **Second question**: So, as it can be seen in this question a lot of people are satisfied with the rework (4 being the most voted for with 30%), but there is something that prevents it from being a perfect 5, as 5 is the least voted for answer with only 13.3%. There is also a very considerable amount of votes for 1 (17.8% - complete dissatisfaction) and 2 (20% - only certain things are good in it). Then there are the votes for 3 with 19%, that basically mean "the rework wasn't a failure, but it has to be fixed". So all in all it seems like the solution leans towards fixing and tweaking (maybe even a small mini rework similar to some other recently reworked champs like Kayle) and not towards a revert or something drastic. *** **Third and fourth questions (as they are tied together)**: Now we are starting to see one of the problems I was talking about earlier: W. We'll get into the reasons people dislike it later (the last question), but as it is right now we can clearly see that W is by far the most hated ability on new Morde with a whopping 49.2% "hated" votes and only 3.2% "loved" votes. People seem to generally like Q and Passive and E and R seem to also need some work being quite controversial (similar amount of "hate" and "loved" votes). *** **Fifth question**: This one speaks for itself. People are clearly unsatisfied with the diversity of new Morde's rune and build paths. Whether it be adding AP bruiser items or adding AD scaling to Morde, there needs to be a change. *** **Sixth question**: I sorted out all the comments to positive negative and neutral. That question wasn't a must and so there are less than 400 answers to it. There are several things you can gather from the comments: A. People want W to be changed, they mostly hate W2 and feel like the healing is useless. B. People really want more skill expression on Morde, they feel like he has a low skill ceiling and is boring and linear. C. Morde's items and rune paths are not very good as they are right now. *** While generally not regarded as a failure it's load and clear that people want some major changes on Mordekaiser. It seems to be mostly agreed Mordekaiser is not very satisfying to play and is linear and doesn't feel rewarding. It's a partial success that should be optimized cause it doesn't suffice as it is right now. I'd like to thank all of you who participated int the survey and helped me gather information. Stay awesome, Nrsh ooout!
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