Another Nasus post

I will keep posting these posts until the end of time it need be, but something needs to be done about the anubis-wannabe. Rito continues to insist that he is no lategame carry, on that part they are right, because now he is a midgame and lategame carry, as no matter how hard you dominate him in lane and murder him endlessly, if he goes and stacks when he is alive, he will make the strongest comeback in the game, how are you supposed to counter this? "just keep him from farming" : no, impossible, Nasus will simple farm when teamfights start, he will farm his grogs, he will take those 3 stacks from minions, no matter how hard you try to prevent him from farming, that laughably strong passive will enable his dream. Either you nerf his lategame now that you have made him super strong in midgame already, or you take away the 12 stacks. Something needs to be done. Nasus is like a damn Thanos: "I am inevibtable" as the 0/30 Nasus proceeds to kick your 10/1 ass.
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