quality of games in bronze/silver elo

hey everyone, I ended season 8 in plat 2 before i decided to create a smurf account for season 9. I just wanna say that I feel REALLY bad for people who are in this elo and are trying to get better at the game, who keep their cool and usually play well in games. I was kind of ashamed of having difficulty climbing until I asked a couple of friends that are in diamond/plat and they all told me that yeah, bronze silver is a nightmare to go through. the recurring afk, the lack of communication except to flame each other, the quetionnable plays that always end up in failing then flaming everyone else. man it's a nightmare to go through. I usually am a pretty non toxic guy in my games, I always try to find a way to come back in the game, but my time in this elo is slowly dragging out the worst in me. the level of arrogance and spite is ludicrously high, I am surprised people who are in this elo haven't just quit the game, it's that bad to go through anyways, everyone who are going through this, dont' worry, it's not just you. this elo REALLY is shit. but dont' worry, it gets better the higher you climb
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