Riot in love with Vayne

Epic snowball item against vayne. Why did BT got nerfed? Why did IE got nerfed? Item buff just for vayne. Botk increase 10dmg each basic attack, thats huge! PD increase 5% crit. Champions who used to destroy Vayne in lane. Twitch E was so good to trade in lane , before it was not nerfed. Lucian used to have 550 range and really strong lane presence.. (still a bit strong) but not enough to stop vayne Graves... straight up nerfed dmg Q/R Kog'maw early game got nerfed etc... Basically riot nerf all the threat champions against vayne. Dont FORGET... they buffed vayne 15% AS at 18 and R ulti got buffed.. ... that's one of the reason why vayne has barely any counter these day.
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