Genuinely curious about some design decisions.

I've been looking into a lot of the mechanics in League, and I've noticed some things I'm not sure I fully understand the reason for. If someone, possibly a rioter, could explain them to me, that would be awesome. 1. Why is there an attack speed cap? There's a cap of 2.5 attack speed for basic attacks. However, there are four ways to circumvent this. There's Lethal Tempo, which allows you to ignore the cap for several seconds while attacking, there's Hail of Blades, which lets you ignore the cap for your first 3 basic attacks, and there's Jinx's passive which lets her ignore the attack speed cap when she kills an enemy/tower, and then there are abilities like Jayce has where he attacks at a set attack speed (his is 3.0). What's the reason behind this cap? Why 2.5 specifically, and not another amount? Should more champions be allowed to break the cap with their passives and abilities, such as Varus? 2. Why do certain abilities scale every level, and others scale every few levels? To illustrate what I mean, let's look at Ashe's passive. The power of the slow increases by 3 every 3 levels. From 15% at level 1, to 18% at level 4. Why is this ability not just increased every level, by 1% every time you level up? If it's because of the maximum being changed (Ashe slow caps at level 16 at 30%), then why not add a cap similar to Vi's old passive? What's the reason behind specific power spikes for passives like this, and why is it not shown more across all champions? 3. Why is slow resist such a rare mechanic? Felt weird having just 2 points, so I thought I'd add this little curiosity. From all I can tell, the only instances of slow resist in the game are on boots of swiftness, Urgot W, and the unflinching/phase rush runes. Certain champions like Garen and Master Yi can ignore slows, but it's not the same. Why don't more champions have this mechanic? Do you think it could be added to more champions, or perhaps another item some time in the future? Thank you for reading. Feel free to ask your own design questions in the comments.
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