A yasuo nerf that could make him more interactive

>Nerf: When {{champion:157}} uses basic attack on a target, it removes tornado from his Q if it is at 3 stacks. That nerf accomplishes the following: 1. reduce his early game power 2. increase window of weakness for all stages of game (he's a skirmisher after all) 3. open up room for potential buffs within power budget 4. make him better balanceable with numbers in future design-wise People consider {{champion:202}}'s 4th auto attack interactive because {{champion:202}} is forced to give it up (or use mana) to keep farming, which prevents {{champion:202}} from abusing the 10 second hold duration oppressively; this gives {{champion:202}} a window of clear strength and clear weakness. Now let's see how it compares to {{champion:157}}'s tornado. {{champion:157}}'s tornado is considered oppressive in lane because he does not need to make any trade-offs for it aside from waveclear (and if he does use Q for waveclear, then he'd be roaming and be uninteractive once again). {{champion:157}}'s tornado is in a weird spot balance-wise ---- his hold duration had to be nerfed from 10sec to 6sec, with which he STILL can be oppressive in lane, but also is too short for late-game when he is supposed to shine as a skirmisher; tornado charge-up isn't as accessible in late-game, and 6 second tornado duration is insult to injury. That one nerf could bring him closer to the power curve a late-game hypercarry should have, and also potentially even allow compensation buffs elsewhere within power budget. ---------------------- {{champion:157}} can still farm with E and has safety nets on W and passive shield, which is acceptable as a melee champion that needs some tools to survive laning against ranged champions. He should not be oppressive early game given his late-game power curve as a skirmisher, nor should he have excessive access to utility as a skirmisher, however. ----------------------- Leave a comment criticizing this post for free upvotes from other boards members, since this is a circlejerk post. ~~upvote bots are also an option~~
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