Please fix the jungle. This iteration is the biggest coinflip of any season thus far...

THE STATE OF JUNGLE IN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Season 9 I. Introduction a. What is a healthy state of the jungle? i. What archetypes of junglers should be played? ii. Should jungles be able to solo influence a game? b. Should jungles be in competition with the enemy jungler, or the enemy team?
Fix the jungle I wrote this up a while ago, around 9.14 or so? Idk, but it's still relevant. The jungle is in a super terrible state where it not only is the most important role but the least important role. There's no skill discrepency between junglers and if you want to win the game with an autofilled jungler just put him on nunu sej or something else and tell him to just afk gank. Farming means next to nothing and that means that good junglers will just afk gank and impact the lanes to a state of not being able to play the damned game. No one is having fun with this iteration of jungle, but because it seems to make exciting play in competitive league, riot has been pushing for more and morte and more and more jungler interaction wiht laners to the point of there not being a purpose of jungle camps as being a source of xp. Just gank, leach a wave and then move on to the next gank. maybe grab a camp if no one is gankable currently. dont waste too much time there though! you might fall behind in xp because the enemy jungler is also leaching xp from laners! Seriously, fix the fucking jungle, I'm so fucking sick of this fucking game. I'm actually making a new account to role swap because this role is so terrible to play as. PLEASE DO NOT INTERPRET THIS AS MY SAYING JUNGLE IS WEAK. I am not saying that. Jungle is probably the strongest role right now, but for all the wrong reasons. It's strong not because the champions are inherently going to 1v9 the game for a good reason, theyre going to 1v9 the game because they make the enemy teams players unable to play the fucking game. I'd prefer season 6 jungle to this bullshit. At least when you lost to a 1v9 jg in that season you felt like they were at least the better player. Now it's just utter coinflip
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