A Case for why "Size" Should be a (Tank) Stat

#Intro When it comes to tanks, there's a lot of ideas about how they should be/play. CC, Durability, Utility, sustain, initiation and more are all things considered to be 'tank" features. Very few consider "size" when it comes to a tank stat however. That idea instead comes from the notion of tank design: Tanks are burly, tough, durable fighters. For this, I'd like to propose the addition of a new stat called "Size" to the game. #1.) What Does Size do? It makes you bigger. #2.- Wait that's it? Yep. #2.) Ok so why is it a big deal? Size factors into numerous but often unseen parts of character kits. This also has a factor on champion skills too, as often many skills radiate from the center of a champion. This means skills that come from the champion around them (Often tanky characters) benefit from a larger hitbox. Size accounts for several things tanks want: * Body Block: Tanks want to make it more difficult for enemies to click/target squishy allies. Size also helps block skillshots by being...well, huge. * Fantasy: People _love_ being huge characters. Nobody wants to be 5'11" when they can be 6'1". This fantasy fits tanks perfectly. * Anti-Abuser: Conversely to what I listed, ADCs and Assassins _hate_ size. It makes them easier to hit, easier to target and more susceptible to CC because of a larger hitbox. By putting size on items, you're effectively making these items less desirable while changing nothing about them save for this stat being added. #3.) But what would the gold-efficiency be? 0. Not even kidding. Right now "size" is often an afterthought on kits. Zac's size, Malphite's size. Cho's size. It's more thematic than any sort of gameplay loop. That said, it's not exactly a stat that's always a net-benefit to have. You take more damage, which means more opportunities to fail. Theoretically you could increase gold prices FOR this new stat but personally, I don't think this is big enough to warrant a gold increase. #4.) What about battle mages, divers and juggernauts? While it's true many champions such as Lissandra, Vlad, Garen, Nasus, Camille, Vi and Karthus benefit from larger sizes, you can easily put the stat on items they don't normally buy such as Randuins, Gargoyle Stoneplate and Locket of the Iron Solari. In addition, you could also opt not to care too much and instead allow these champions to have some size benefits but nothing as large as a tank. Feel free to provide thoughts as you see fit. #TL;DR Tanks want be big. Size make tanks big. Non-tanks don't want be big. Non-tanks dont buy tank items as much.
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